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DS1992-F5 1Kb/4Kb Memory iButton

Stock Code DS1992-F5

Description The DS1992/DS1993 memory iButtons (hereafter referred to as DS199_) are rugge…More ›

DS1991L-F5 1152-BIT MULTI-KEY iButt...

Stock Code DS1991L-F5

1152-Bit Multi-Key iButton®…More ›

DS1995L-F5 16K MEMORY iButton

Stock Code DS1995L-F5

16K Memory iButton®…More ›

DS1971-F5 255 bit EEPROM iButton

Stock Code DS1971L-F5

256 bit EEPROM iButton®…More ›

DS1990A-F3 64-BIT SERIAL iButton

Stock Code DS1990A-F3

64-BIT SERIAL iButton®…More ›

DS1990A-F5 64-BIT SERIAL iButton

Stock Code DS1990A-F5

64-BIT SERIAL iButton®…More ›

DS1996-F5 64k bit Memory iButton®

Stock Code DS1996L-F5

64k bit Memory iButton®…More ›

DS1993-F5 MEMORY iButton 4K-BIT NVR...

Stock Code DS1993L-F5

Memeory iButton® 4K-BIT NVRAM…More ›

DS1994-F5 MEMORY iButton 4K-BIT NVR...

Stock Code DS1994L-F5

Memory iButton® 4K-Bit NVRAM + Time…More ›

DS1425-F5 Security iButton

Stock Code DS1425L-F5

Security iButton…More ›